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Mobile Marketing Service for Local Businesses

Posted on April 24th, 2012 by chaseweb

Full-service Web Design and Managed Services Firm Chase Web Solutions Launches Their Mobile Marketing Service for Local Businesses

Raleigh, NC – April 23, 2012 – The full-service web design and managed services firm Chase Web Solutions was officially launched in 2010 after a successful freelancing and independent contracting stint. They offer small businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, and educational Institutions progressive and customized end-to-end web solutions. The company recently launched a new mobile marketing service for local businesses. This new service combined with their existing and immensely sought after social media, logo and web design, and SEO services is expected to help clients establish a market stronghold easily and quickly by giving them a much needed competitive edge.

Statistics indicate that ( the size of mobile data traffic was eight times that of the global internet in 2000. By the end of 2012, the number of mobile devices is expected to exceed the world’s population.

So, the recent addition of mobile marketing for local businesses by Chase Web Solutions truly completes their full suite of services that comprises some of the most effective resources to create web technology that precisely fits every the project requirements and budgets of each and every client that they work with.
The diverse team of experienced and qualified experts at Chase Web Solutions always stays up to date with the latest industry trends and they combine their technical expertise and solid business domain knowledge and experience to support the company’s quality-driven delivery model.

Though the company is based in Raleigh, NC, apart from a majority of local clients who trust them with what works best for their business, Chase Web Solution’s clientele also comprises several national and global organizations and companies. Corey Ellis, a representative of the company says, “Our motto of being small enough to care and large enough to deliver is the underlying theme of all the projects that we undertake. By adding a mobile marketing service to our existing repertoire of services, we hope to reach a wider segment of local businesses.”

Having analyzed the needs of several organizations over the past 25 years and building long term business relationships successfully, the company has been able to generate a positive ROI for all their clients. The team that has delivered several functionally diverse and easily maintainable web sites that are optimized for better search engine rankings hopes to harness the immense reach, scope, and potential of mobile marketing to help their local clients strengthen their online visibility and boost their market value.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Meeting Technology

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by chaseweb

Technology has become a great friend to the meeting room. From PowerPoint presentations to visual aids and apps that help provide a more in-depth experience, technology has created a far more interactive experience for your audience. The only problem is that it can be overused or even inappropriate for the situation. The ability to provide a quality experience using the latest technology relies on your ability to know when, where, and what to use to ensure a productive experience.

Technology that serves a purpose

It’s important that you focus on using technology that serves a purpose. Focused social media that assists in your goals is among these, especially since it can be a large part of your company’s marketing strategy. Meetings that involve social media can be a great way to increase awareness and even expand your audience throughout the network.

One of these networking benefits includes the ability to discuss and survey stakeholders before the conference to ensure your content can be adjusted to suit the needs and wants of those attending.

There are many companies who can help you design apps for large meetings, events, and trade shows. These should be free or cost little to provide a better experience for those attending. Apps for smart phones have been an emerging strategy to create interaction between the audience and you.
 The more input they have, the more likely they are to attend your meeting or event. You can use surveys, quotes, and input from your social network as references and as a basis for focus in your meeting. Social media has become a vital part of most businesses, and if used correctly, it can be a very powerful tool.

While these apps are beneficial for large meetings and events, they provide little use in a small, isolated environment. You don’t want them to be costly for you and your audience, or even irrelevant or inapplicable to the cause. Avoid using them if you can’t justify their need. The positive side is that this will give attendees more options for interaction during the meeting. Interaction creates productivity on a larger scale, including others in the discussion rather than relying on one-way communication. This also allows you to distribute quotes throughout the event that endorse the meeting’s purpose.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid using technology for technology’s sake. Just because something is new on the market doesn’t mean that it serves a necessary purpose in your meeting (unless the meeting is about that particular technology). Overusing or misusing technology can be costly for you, time-consuming, and provides little to no benefit. In order to save yourself this hassle, avoid using technology where it provides no advantage. Keep away from making things too complex or expensive. Unless your target audience can afford the luxuries of a grand, expensive event, avoid costly and unneeded technology.

Hybrid meetings

Perhaps one of the best tools that technology brings to the table is the ability to reach a larger than present audience. These hybrid meetings involve technology in order to distribute your event through networks on the internet, via video and live streaming. These can be used to operate both a local and remote audience in order to expand and gain attention. You will be able to extend the impact of your event, and multiply the number of attendees for future events. Because traveling can be a hassle, the ability to attend a meeting without being physically present will ensure that anyone who needs and wants to be involved can be.
Although PowerPoint presentations that are template as well as the usual, rehearsed techniques can be easy to arrange, the event can become outdated quickly. Avoid relying on technological templates to design your event. What are some of the new things happening in your industry that you’ve seen take place at meeting? What are some of the best practices?

Shorter meetings

This incorporates the importance of short meetings that are focused. Time needs to be budgeted properly, so unless the occasion can provide the benefit that equals the allotted time, refrain from multi-day or enduring meetings. Look for technology to enhance and develop value – not create a time intensive or expensive addition.

In a meeting, technology can either be your friend or your foe. Keep technology from becoming the meeting, because it is only supposed to be a helpful tool. As you become more comfortable in using technology in the right place at the right time, both you and your audience will receive the benefits of an excellent meeting event.