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Listen Up Restaurant Owners – Why Mobile SEO Is Important To You

Posted on February 16th, 2012 by chaseweb

If you have popped your head up from out of the ground in the past 15 months, you should be well aware how mobile devices have changed the mobile marketing landscape for any business, but in particular local businesses.

Small local business owners are now almost forced to pay attention to the consumer behavior and how mobile seo plays a crucial role in how your business is found by potential customers. Long gone are the days of traditional offline marketing campaigns. It’s now time to embrace the fact that you will need Mobile SEO strategies moving forward.

I know small business owners are saying – “Man I just got my head around PPC, Local SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, on and on, now I need to learn Mobile SEO – are you kidding me!! – when will the madness stop.”

Yes I know it can be alot to soak in, but you do want to make money right? That is your goal when you open your doors right? – well Mobile SEO is the new game in town and you need to learn, embrace, and take hold of it – you have no other choice but to love Siri.

When I call on my Siri and say “Thai Restaurant” or “Mexican Tonight” – I hope and pray you pop up, with some good reviews. If not you are loosing business, and you will continue to loose business moving forward until you pay attention to how mobile seo or mobile marketing affects your bottom line.

Watch this video on Mobile SEO and how it affects Restaurant owners such as yourself – don’t be left behind

Mobile SEO for Restaurant Owners

Mobile SEO

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