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Learning From The Big Brands – Pinterest

Posted on February 16th, 2012 by chaseweb

Social media is perhaps one of the most ideal channels for business communications. We can explain, show, and discuss our products and services with our audience quickly and easily. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Pinterest is one of the newest additions to the social media world, and it provides a visually oriented look for our companies. The problem here is that some companies, even the larger ones, have misused this awesome outlet of information.

Selling yourself short

Pinterest is a world of color and illustration, focusing on the visual appearance to tell a story. Here, a business can showcase their products, tell a history, and even inspire their audience to follow them and interact with them. All three of these topics should be the focus of your Pinterest account, and here is where even the big dogs in the industry have fallen short.

Many large companies, and even the small ones, have turned Pinterest into a shopping catalog. Here’s the problem with that- you lose the other two thirds of the interest that Pinterest has to offer. Shopping isn’t really the focus of Pinterest. People want to see, explore, and imagine themselves doing things. Pinterest uses visuals to inspire people more than anything else. And the bottom line is that if you inspire someone to buy a product, you’re more likely to sell than if you just show it to them.

Interest in Pinterest

Here’s where the interest develops. Rather than simply showcase your products across the board, develop several boards. You can still promote products, but your focus should be to influence your audience to become interested in what you’re selling.

PinterestStart by telling your business’ story. People like knowing who they are dealing with, and it adds color and depth to your boards. Use pictures from your history, and even current projects (perhaps renovations and development) or even things that you plan for the future. Create a board where you explain where you come from and where you’re going so that others will see that you too are inspired to interact with them.

Influence your audience

Now comes the importance of the influential boards. Here’s where you have to be innovative and creative. Showing your products isn’t enough. You need to make people have the desire to do business with you. Utilize videos, pictures, and even comments to stimulate interest. For instance: you are a caterer who provides food preparation services. Marketing food products is old news, and people don’t always want to see what they can look up on your website. Here on Pinterest, you have to create interest in your services. Perhaps you can provide tasty recipes for the upcoming holidays, or particular foods that go good with the season. On top of that, utilize videos in which you show your audience how to make some of your delicious recipes. This creates interest in your product, and that is what sells your business.

When you develop these interesting pins, you create the desire to re-pin, which is exactly what you want. Not many people focus on repining products, but what they do re-pin are items that stimulate interest and entertainment. This is perhaps the key to this social media site—entertainment. The visual appeal is most of the influence, but through entertaining videos and factoids, you create something that others want to share with those around them. When creating a network of followers via social media, this is perhaps the most powerful tool. Give people a reason to follow you.

Don’t forget to follow

Of course, this goes both ways. Following is often overlooked by larger companies that disregard the importance of following their followers. This two-way street isn’t just about you- it’s about you and your audience. By following your customer, you can see and share their experience on Pinterest far more effectively than simply waiting for them to interact or repost some of your content. Although this is not a socially designed network (like Facebook), you can still start the development of good relationships with those that are interested in you.

Overall, Pinterest is the ideal source for business applications. A social media site formatted on the visual and entertaining appeal, this network provides any business with an ideal outlet to communicate with their audience. Although some companies have fallen short of Pinterest’s opportunities, by creating boards that generate interest, influence, and entertainment rather than merely a showcase catalog, you can provide the perfect experience for your audience to start a good business relationship.