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Google adds to it’s Search Patent Portofolio

Posted on February 20th, 2012 by chaseweb


I just came across this article from SEO by the Sea stating that Google has just acquired Cuil’s remaining search patents.

Now many probably don’t remember Cuil, but as the article states, it was considered as real contender to the Google Search Engine about 4 years ago.

This was a nice read, and it just made me realized how dominant Google has become, and is there really any company that will overtake Google.

We have seen the Giants like AT&T, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and the latest Giant Apple come along, but all of these companies have legitimate competition when it comes to there core competencies or core focus.

Google on the other hand – has no competition when it comes to search, it has total control in this area. And as we all know search is what dictates what the user finds and eventually what sales are made online, search controls the majority of the user flows or online actions.

Would like to hear your thoughts on how long Google will be on top – will anyone bring down Goliath?

Learn about the Top On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Posted on October 8th, 2011 by chaseweb

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The following search engine optimization (SEO) tips can be implemented by any business looking to increase their search engine rankings. The seo tips below while simple are one of the most integral elements of any successful website. You may be promoting a product or a service in your business site, or simply monetizing your blog posts, but you should know that web traffic plays a major role in boosting your online presence.

Obtaining targeted traffic is one of the goals you must be aiming at, as it can make or break your blog or business site. As you venture into Internet business, you definitely want to enjoy one thing: profits. However, you can never generate revenue if no one pays attention to what you say or what you offer the buying public. It is in this sense that business owners look for search engine optimization tips from professionals who are knowledgeable about SEO.

Let us discuss a few significant search engine optimization tips that can boost the success of your web page.

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Sitemap

A sitemap is one of the basic elements of a website or blog site. It ensures that whenever the search engine spiders crawl your site, it goes through every single page of it, and makes it visible for the potential audience and buyers to find it.

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Page Title

A title of any post you make should be catchy. Who will mind looking at an article with a title that reads dull, by the way? If you want to pique the interest of your target market, be sure to employ striking titles, which bear a direct connection with your subject. Also, don’t make the mistake of using a mouthful of words.

Search Engine Optimization Tips – SEO-friendly URLs

When customizing your URL, be sure that it is something sensical. Like people, search engine spiders will not waste time looking for odd URLs. Rather, they will look for something worthy. If your URL is a bit awkward, you may be losing your opportunities to make money.

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Bold Tags

Search engine spiders are programmed to mind the bold text. Thus, you should be mindful about making your primary keywords and key phrases bold. This is also doing the search spiders a favor—you help them figure out what your site is about.

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Deep linking

Others plainly overlook this, because they care less about its importance. Deep linking means linking related articles with one another. When you interlink your web content with another site’s article, you direct people’s attention to your home page. However, be sure that whenever they visit your page, they will get something worthy out of it.

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Useful and unique web content

Content is the king, and that holds true in the online business arena. Quality content is what every site visitor is after. So if you are selling a gizmo, for example, the content should include its specs and features, with a couple of highlights that will make a web visitor consider it worth buying.

So there you go with a few of the vital search engine optimization tips. But then again, not all of these can guarantee a tremendous return on your investment. The success of your business still lies on the promotional campaigns you launch, and your effort of gathering potential buyers.