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Question to Business Owners: Should you SEO or not SEO?

Posted on September 22nd, 2011 by chaseweb

To SEO or not to SEO, that’s the question?

Should You SEOOK Mr. Business Owner you have rolled up your sleeves and you are going to battle the SEO God’s and get ranked on first page all by yourself.

If you have paid attention, you are well aware that there are other ways to obtain traffic/visitors. For example, pay per click campaigns (PPC) like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or Microsoft adCenter.

Now here is what I say about this, and it’s not an opinion of mine at all, but a common fact: PPC will bring you quick results, but you will have to keep your bank account open like a running faucet, the minute you shut the faucet off your marketing also will shut off.

The investment can be rather large in the PPC world, and you can never be sure, whether PPC has paid for itself, or it’s just money down the drain.

Here Lies The Beauty Of SEO

SEO is very different, in terms of overall investment and overall impact. With SEO the business owner will first make an initial investment (and all of us SEOs know that real optimization costs are very small), and a few months later you will start seeing dividends by way of dramatic increases in your traffic and sales.

Yes, SEO pays for itself hundreds of times better, when used as a long term business strategy.

The amount of traffic that SEO will bring you is unlimited. You’d simply go bankrupt trying to get as many visitors with PPC campaigns.

Read One of my clients painful lessons:

In March 2009, they launched a new online ecommerce portal. As with most business owners looking to get a quick flux of visitors to their site, they started a PPC campaign and spent about $27,000 within 3 months. In return, it only brought $14,000.

After getting a bad taste in their mouth from PPC, I was hired and we started an SEO campaign. Too make a long story short, it cost less than $14,000 (including my charges). And, by April 2011, the estimated gain from SEO was roughly $60,000, which is almost 4 times more than what Pay Per Click could bring.

So as you can see, even if you hire an SEO expert to optimize your site and deliver high rankings for targeted keywords relevent to your business, the marketing investment will pay for itself many times over!

So this is just food for thought, marketing strategies are changing to be more online focused, and if your business is not on Page 1 – let’s just be honest, no one will know you exists (except your buddies!)

SEO Services Project Advice – Setting Achievable Expectations For Your SEO Clients

Posted on September 5th, 2011 by chaseweb

Does Your SEO Services Clients Have Proper Perspective

As other long time webmasters will confirm, providing SEO Services has become so much more competitive than it was a few years back. The amount of online pages that search engines index has recently increased twofold, threefold and even fourfold. In addition a lot of people have just enough knowledge about SEO Services to really mess it up. There was once a time period in the development of SEO techniques in which many sites did not even think about search engines, and whenever they did think about them, it was for one reason: to place a few keywords into the Meta tags. (By the way, this was also no help.) During this time period, any person who comprehended a minute amount of SEO techniques found it easy to achieve a high rank in every important search engine without doing much of anything. At that time, even the areas that were competitive could be won with a little hard work; however, today there is fierce competition.

Fierce Competition

Now, the exact opposite is true. Keyword phrases that no one is interested in searching for can prove to be a difficulty when it comes to obtaining high rankings, unless you actually understand what you are doing when you use them. In any case, even those rankings could disappear in a flash. The problem is exacerbated for new business and websites. Your SEO services efforts will probably yield poorer results if your site has only been active for a couple of years. For this reason, your website optimization needs to be viewed as a proposition that lasts a long time.

Targeted Traffic Is More Important Than Ranking

As the SEO services industry continues to advance, webmasters, website owners and SEO services experts must stop focusing on keyword stuffing into different search engines, and instead learn how to gain additional targeting traffic and convert this traffic into clients. A lot of people looking for SEO services are not yet seeing the big picture. Here’s an example. On our website contact form, one of the questions I ask is, “What are your business goals?” Lots of people say they want to be in the top 5 Yahoo and Google rankings for some common keyword. How do they expect that to happen? That isn’t exactly an objective for a company!

A good business goal is specific. It states a number of people and a type of people one wants to visit the website, for example. A bad business goal is vague. “I want to be number 1!” for example, is a bad business goal. Of course, people want to be top in the search engine rankings, but to do it, they have to set exact, incremental goals and use keywords that aren’t being used by everybody else. If they’re doing other things correctly as well, I’m certain it would have a huge impact on their targeted traffic and turnover. I find it frustrating that so many individuals think that an SEO services company can simply snap its fingers or wave a magic wand and make this happen.

The fact is, no matter how good SEO services experts are, they can’t work magic. They cannot merely place a website at a search engine’s highest position, when there are tons of other websites that are offering pretty much the same option and identical information. If that were possible, there ought to be plenty of people getting filthy rich off of SEO.

Is this to say that SEO is defunct?

Emphatically, no! SEO services that concentrate on rankings for every popular keyword in every page, however, is not good SEO. You don’t need to settle for keywords that give few results. It simply implies that you need to expand your outlook in order to grasp the bigger perspective.

Nearly every single time I see a “put me in the number one position prospect” websites, I notice many areas on the website that need attention so that the website works better for the visitors and also for the search engines. These website owners are nearly always focusing on the money keyword phrases for their sites, so they totally forget about other areas of their sites that need attention. They plaster their set phrase everywhere and don’t find out what the masses of other phrases are that people are Googling.

Content for Content’s Sake

I’ve also witnessed recently a lot of people putting in content just for the sake of having content there. Just what is the meaning of that? Even though SEO services experts talk about good content, no-one appears to know what good content actually is. Today, an entire industry has sprung up, devoted to supposedly composing and selling effective content. Even more egregious are the companies that want to rent out content! News bulletin… effective content is totally unrelated to the record or background of the products you produce. Furthermore, good content does not consist of a bunch of nonsense, spam pages in which you merely exchange a lot of keywords that are on one page and incorporate them into another page. Effective content does not mean content composed with search engines in mind.

What Is The Meaning of Excellent Content?

Excellent content means that the writing is original. It is genuinely original and distinctive. It involves inspirations of your own that nobody else has had yet. Being creative is essential for effective content. Regrettably, the act of creation and originality are practically defunct themselves. Creativity doesn’t mean watching the competition to imitate their actions. It requires leadership, rather than following the crowd. It involves being true to yourself and voicing your own opinions without worrying about what other people think. It means putting every fiber of your being into your site, instead of searching for easy answers. It means optimizing your site for the search engines as well as for your site visitors. This will bring high traffic to your site for specific phrases, and it will increase traffic to your site for general, related phrases. However, it is neither quickly nor simply done. There is no way to accomplish it with just a snap.

Provide SEO Services With Realistic Goals

Don’t bother me if the phrase you are obsessed with isn’t ranking highly. As a matter of fact, refrain from contacting any SEO services company at all. Rather than placing a phone call, what you must do is to reevaluate your objectives. You will not receive help from any SEO services company in any country on earth, unless you can put aside the things that you think you truly want, and discover the things that you truly need. Review the preceding sentence until you actually grasp its meaning. Instead of dwelling on things you believe you want, discover more regarding things you actually require.

Companies That Only Let You Know What You Are Interested In Hearing

Do not forget that many SEO Services companies tell their customers they can do exactly what their customers wish them to do. Want to be top of the Google ranking immediately? Of course, that’s easy enough. They are glad to just get paid, perform a bit of work – and quickly yield nothing. You shouldn’t hold them accountable, however – they’re only giving you the answer you desire.