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You Can Still be High Tech and High Touch

Posted on May 17th, 2012 by chaseweb

Businesses constantly face the challenge of interacting with the world around them. There is constant activity everywhere, shared between associates, clients, and everyone in between. This creates the challenge of staying in touch at any distance.

Because business location can make it hard to interact face to face with your audience, the social world has provided a variety of new advances through the internet. Various tools and sites have been developed to ensure that businesses can be high tech and still be in touch with their audience.

Keep things personal

Remember that just because you are using social media, it does not mean that you are getting the most out of it. Proper use relies specifically on your application of the tool. Consider the fact that you wouldn’t use a hammer to fix a window. Tools have their place, just as social media has its proper place and use.

Social mediums are developed in various types; some appeal to discussion while others appeal to description. Text, visuals, and even links are all characteristics you must examine and utilize in your choice of social media. Consider the concept of Pinterest in comparison to Twitter. One relies on written text while the other one relies on visuals. When utilized correctly, they can be powerful advocates for your business project. Only through proper use of your tools can you achieve successful results.

Interacting with your audience

One of the most effective techniques of interaction is making others feel as though they are valuable to you and your business. While you may know that your audience is valuable, it is crucial that they feel it as well. This is accomplished through many techniques that need to be applied when you socialize.

The first is that you have to be willing to discuss. Not just talk to them, but with them. Few people like being talked to, since it is more like a sales pitch rather than a discussion. When you carry on a discussion, you give your audience the opportunity to share what they are thinking with you and others. Keep in mind that this isn’t just about your audience, you also gain experience from the situation. When they talk with you, they pass on thoughts and new ideas that can revolutionize the way you conduct business. Discussion is an excellent way to discover new ideas and trends, enabling your business to adapt for the future.

A second technique comes into effect depending on when you socialize. The ability for your audience to reach you plays a very crucial part in your socialization. If you aren’t there to discuss, nothing is learned and everything is lost. Social sites depend on regular interaction. That doesn’t mean that you must be online every second of the day, but you must be ready to maintain a social site on a regular basis. If an audience visits your site, they want to talk with you- a person. If they can’t reach you, they may give up because if you aren’t willing to talk to them, why should they do business with you?

Courtesy is crucial to your success. Discussions must always be polite, both in word and content. Words are the main source of misunderstandings, because they can be interpreted uniquely amongst individuals. Always think before you speak, or type, and carefully plan out a discussion before it appears on a social media.

Socialize with everyone

Keep in mind that this is not limited to customers, but to everyone, including associates, business partners, and even employees. Everyone should have value, because when they feel valued, they are able to provide value to your business.

“The Customer is Always Right” signs have appeared throughout the business world. Individuals see the sign, but do they actually get what they are promised? Maintaining your word is also important. If you speak, make sure that the truth backs you up or you can face irreparable consequences.

Creating an appeal

Always remember that social media is the starting point of conversation. Utilizing professional website creation can ensure that your social interactions are swift and smooth. Consistent links and effective incorporation between your website and social media networks will ensure a fluid collaboration so that you can maintain a positive relationship with your audience.

Throughout the internet, communication has become the most useful tool for every business and individual. Non-profit social media plays an effectively economical method by which we can talk to, discuss, and share information with both businesses and customers in order to improve our social skills so we can stay in touch while staying high-tech.

What Social Media Network is Best for You?

Posted on May 10th, 2012 by chaseweb

Any worker will tell you that finding the right tools for the job can make or break your efforts. Mechanics use wrenches, plumbers use pipes, and business organizations use marketing strategies. But, with the changes that online marketing has brought about, there is a wide variety of tools readily available.

Between these online strategies, you can market through web sites, affiliates, blogs, and especially the social media sites. But even then, you are provided with such a variety of social sites, that it can be difficult to know which one you should invest your time in. You could utilize them all, but you may end up spending time and effort where it does little to no service.

Social that works for you

Consider then that each of these different social tools has their own unique purpose to help you succeed in your distinctive business.

Linkedin is a widely adaptable model of social media. Featuring your own blog format, site information, and capability to thread comments, the ability to turn this site into a quality attention grabber is easy. What will make it even better is the millions of users it possesses, and the fact that anybody can view your profile. While it offers a great advantage for individuals and small business owners with a personal brand, it can be difficult to really gain the full benefit of the site if you’re a larger company or corporation because there is little distinction between individuals and organizations.

Facebook is perhaps the most widely renowned of all social media. Widely used throughout the world, this social site is a great target for businesses because of the large audience range. While it does offer the ability to consistently communicate with a wide audience. With the right strategy, you can easily reach a large audience. The only problem is that you can only be searched by name through this site. Unless your audience knows who they are looking for, they aren’t as likely to find you. There is far more appeal to purchase advertisements as a means of increasing your visibility. The other option is that you may have to use Facebook in combination with other online marketing strategies or social media such as Twitter.

Twitter is valuable to many businesses. This particular tool focuses on short and to-the-point mini-blogs. This gives businesses the chance to post links, recommendations, and updates simply and easily. The fact that Twitter is a very open social network allows your information to be highlighted whenever topics are searched. Maintaining the sight is easy and simple, as long as you know what to say, and what not to say. Be cautious, because what you say goes public very quickly on this site.

Pinterest is an excellent visually-based site. Designed to appeal around both video and imagery, this site is commonly used to promote business products. You can easily link back to other sites, making it a window of opportunity for your business website or other social media. For those that can promote their business with quality imagery that stands alone, this can be a useful site for you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accommodate much discussion, limiting its abilities.

Fancy is an upcoming social media site that also relies primarily on imagery. Once again, imagery is the primary source of social structure, but in contrast to Pinterest, you can stream comments and discussions on Fancy. You are still able to link back to other websites, making it a very useful tool for businesses that are promoting or selling specific products.

Tumblr is a very useful site for the active business person. While it isn’t as easy to handle as Facebook or Twitter, it focuses more on creating a site for an emerging business person. Available blogging with your own unique web address make it a great site to launch your business with. While not as widely traveled as other social sites, it is very useful for creating a blogging site without expensive costs. Tumblr is an open social site, much like Twitter, where an audience can search your brand by topic. When used properly, this is a great site for an emerging business to use in combination with other forms of social networking.

The best thing about all of these sites is that they’re free to use. The only thing you have to worry about is dividing your valuable time and efforts where they’ll be needed most. You can choose from the ones that work best or you may want to use them all.