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Web Presence Explained

Posted on August 28th, 2011 by chaseweb

web presence

What exactly is web presence? We define web presence as the completeness or totality of a company’s or organization’s existence on the Internet, the depth of its penetration and by how easily that presence is found, or located using search engines, social media websites and other methods.

Things to consider as you establish your web presence

When you are ready to establish web presence, take the time to understand what is actually involved and to ask some serious questions. One of the key questions to ask is “once I build a website, how easy is it for my prospective clients or users to find me on the Internet?”

Some other thoughts to take into consideration:

  • Evaluate your corporate branding to determine how well it fits the web
  • Examine & modify your overall marketing strategy to make sure it extends onto the Internet
  • Understand how your website will be marketed and promoted on the Internet
  • Decide whether you need an Internet marketing strategy and get working on that
  • Explore additional online marketing channels like email, affiliate, social media marketing and others
  • Consider content management to easily and quickly update your website and keep content current

Remember, your web presence can be a simple website, a complex, content managed informational website, a database-backed web application, an integrated e-commerce solution, a social media portal, an interactive blog or a combination of one or more of the above.
Overcoming the challenge of finding the “right” Web Presence vendor

Overcoming the challenge of finding the “right” Web Presence vendor

How do you plan to select your current or next web presence vendor? How will make sure that the company you select will take your vision to the next level in a proven way that will have a positive impact on your bottom line and that this company will continue to support you and work with you, hand-in-hand, year after year?

If you have experienced the aggravation of trying to pick the right web presence company, you are not alone. We have heard from a lot of our clients about the frustration they faced when tasked with finding the right vendor and how they often made a decision that led to the selection of a firm that was not a proper fit resulting in lost opportunities, not to mention lost investments!

If you have dealt with the frustration of going through a similar experience, we invite you to explore our website, check out our portfolio or just grab the telephone and give us a call on (919) 435-4960 and we will be more than happy to speak to you and guide you through the process of creating your web presence strategy.

We promise we will unleash your web presence!